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We need your expertize


Start date: August 2015 


Vlad Memorial Foundation is seeking a leading CEO to drive its operations

This is not a typical job opportunity. 

We are interested in engaging a competent, multi-skilled, goal-oriented leader to launch and grow the Foundation in line with the stated objectives and beyond.

We seek candidates with deep knowledge of Kenyan norms & culture and extensive local network.

Public Relations Manager

Start date:  August 2015


Vlad Memorial Foundation is looking to hire a PR Manager for its start-up operations in Kenya.


ER Doctor
Start date: End of 2015
Vlad Memorial Foundation is looking to hire an Emergency Room doctor to provide all medical services necessary to diagnose or stabilize any patient who arrives in its First Aid Dispensary. These services can include anything from carrying out or ordering and supervising life-saving procedures such as use of a defibrillator, to ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests such as blood tests or X-rays to determine the source of a patient's symptoms. The ER doctor must maintain all medical records pertaining to each patient's admission to the emergency room, and he can also arrange for a patient to be admitted to the appropriate unit of a hospital if necessary.
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