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First Aid Dispensary 


  • To build an equipped & staffed dispensary with First Aid & Trauma capacities for Mombasa-Nairobi road accident victims in partnership with Makindu Sikh Temple Hospital, in extension to the current facilities.

  • To recruit and train paramedics, nurses and surgeons.

Road Emergency Ambulances 

  • To acquire three equipped ambulances for First aid and transportation of injured to nearest hospital/trauma center

  • To sign with Hospitals, Flying Doctors, an intervention protocol for poor people to be transferred  (make sure that they intervene rapidly for accidents with hard injuries)


Support Victims


  • To ensure a 24/7 Contact Center & Helpline for injured people 

  • To provide legal support to road accident victims​ and their families 


  • To  contribute to the campaigns on the importance of respecting traffic rules and the tragic outcomes of road accidents

  • To contribute to the prevention actions : driving risk factors (fatigue, alcohol, drugs), route signs, traffic control, driving licenses issuance

  • To provide First Aid training and awareness on key aspects of trauma protocol

2016 Events
  • VDMF's participation to AFRICA ROAD SAFETY 2016 in Durban, South Africa

  • WORLD DAY OF REMEMBRANCE for ROAD VICTIMS 20th of November 2016 in Nairobi

  • VDMF's participation in December to Road Safety Workshop in Nairobi

2017 Events

  • 15th April Makindu Sikh Hospital ACCIDENT&EMERGENCY Groundbreaking​

​Makindu Trauma Center Project moves forward :
The building of the extension of the current Makindu Sikh Hospital will start. The Accident&Emergency service of the new building is dedicated to save the victims of road crashes on the Nairobi -Mombasa highway !
VDMF represented by Paul Lotay and Dr. Parmindar Lotay

  • 9th May Speed Kills #SLOW DOWN United Nations Road Safety Week

Vlad Charitable Foundation Kenya (VDMF Kenya) organize the Speed Kills #SlowDown walk against the speeding with youth and kids from Mathare starting at Ngara Bus Station 6am, finishing around 12:00 in City Center Nairobi ! 

Slowing down is very safe ! 
We all want to arrive safely at our destination. By slowing down we make our roads safer for our children, families and friends.

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