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National Transport and Safety Authority


The National Transport and Safety Authority was established through an Act of Parliament Number 33 on 26th October 2012. The objective of forming the Authority was to harmonize the operations of the key road transport departments and help in effectively managing the road transport sub-sector and minimizing loss of lives through road accidents.


Vision:  Sustainable and Safe Road Transport System with Zero crashes.

Mission: To facilitate the provision of safe, reliable, efficient road transport services.


Core functions:

  • To advise and make recommendations on matters relating to road transport and safety.

  • To implement policies relating to road transport and safety

  • To plan, manage and regulate the road transport sector in accordance with the provisions of the Act no.33,2012

  • To ensure the provision of safe, reliable and efficient road transport service.


If you witness a car accident please send us your testimonials, photos, videos.

NAIVASHA CRASH the most terrible accident in 2016

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