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Board of Trustees


Vlad Memorial Foundation's Board of Trustees is composed of people excelling in their respective fields of expertise.

They were brought together in grief and sorrow by the tragedies that continuously happen on Kenyan roads, with the conviction that uniting individual efforts will contribute to make the difference between life and death.

Ms. Rodica Danciu Panturu
Founder and Chairlady

I’m a mother.  My unique child, my son Vlad passed away. People say that it was the God plan. I know that the reasons were numerous like the fast speed of the car, the driver sleepiness, the lack of emergency help at the accident place and not any nurse or doctor in Mtito Andei where the bodies have been moved by a samaritean car. Flying doctors informed us that they can take off only after the reception of the flight payment confirmation by fax … I was in the middle of nowhere, how to send a fax ? The plane arrived in the accident area 6 hours after the first help call request  but was too late for Vlad.

Every day an accident happens on the Mombasa –Nairobi road or in another part of the country …

Never again ! This is my motivation for this Foundation.

Dr. Benny Ben Otim

 Benny has extensive experience in education,diplomacy, conflict resolutions, and  humanitarian work. He recently retired from the United Nations after 23 years of service.


Benny is a founder and director  of two start-up companies engaged in mining and telecommunications in Southern and East Africa. 


Benny's passions include flying and volunteering as well as coaching and creating opportunities for young Africans to become effective leaders.

Mr. Ciprian Panturu

I was in the car with Vlad on the 25th of August 2008, when the accident occurred. Although I survived, the crash left untreatable marks on my body and soul. The Foundation represents for me a unique  opportunity to contribute to the road safety in Kenya, so that what happened to us wouldn't happen to others.


Having a Financial background, I have dedicated my professional career to social development in emerging markets. I work as a consultant in Alternative Delivery Channels for Financial Services in Africa and Asia.

Hon. Bernard Masaka Shinali

Currently I’m a politician, Member of the Kenya Parliament representing Ikolomani district in Kakanga county.

The road accidents deaths in Kenya is not only a national tragedy but a personal matter.

That why I'm committed and deeply involved to do everything could be possible to stop this carnage. Being one of this Foundation trustees gives me the opportunity to participate effectively to the implementation of concrete projects to prevent the road accidents and contribute to the victims’ life saving.



Mr. Desmond Adero Odhiambo

Desmond is a Partner in the Litigation Department of the Firm and an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

Desmond joined Daly & Figgis in June 2011 as an associate in the Litigation Department. Before then, he worked at the firm of Iseme, Kamau & Maema Advocates for two years where he gained experience in civil and commercial litigation. 

He studied for his Bachelors of Law degree at the University of Leeds (UK) and graduated with Honours in 2006. In 2008 he attended the Kenya School of Law for his postgraduate diploma in legal practice and was called to the bar in March 2010. 




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