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Mrs. Rodica Danciu Panturu and Vlad Danciu 

I’m a mother.  My unique child, my son Vlad passed away. People say that it was the God plan.


I know that the reasons were numerous like the fast speed of the car, the driver sleepiness, the lack of emergency help at the accident place and not any nurse or doctor in Mtito Andei where the bodies have been moved by a samaritean car. Flying doctors informed us that they can take off only after the reception of the flight payment confirmation by fax … I was in the middle of nowhere, how to send a fax ? The plane arrived in the accident area 6 hours after the first help call request  but was too late for Vlad.


Every day an accident happens on the Mombasa –Nairobi road or in another part of the country …

Never again ! This is my motivation for this Foundation.



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